The Glue Society’s Kneebone slams the term ‘branded content’

The Glue Society’s Kneebone slams the term ‘branded content’

Co-founder of The Glue Society has lambasted the term “branded content”, while also letting fly at the free to air networks over their disinterest in engaging in worthwhile versions of it.

Jonathan Kneebone (pictured), keynote at the Festival of Branded Entertainment this morning, told delegates that he hates the use of the term “branded content”.

“I have to start by saying that I genuinely hate the expression “branded content”, said Kneebone, adding that “like most people in the real world, I have absolutely zero interest in watching something” tagged with the moniker.

“If by calling it “branded entertainment” someone somewhere is hoping that I might think it suddenly becomes something worth watching, I think that someone is kidding themselves.”

Kneebone added that "no-one knows what the hell branded content and entertainment is”.

“It is perhaps the most ill-defined area of our business. Is it product integration? Is it cross-platform? Is it when an advertiser funds a program and pays to air it? It is content marketing? Is it filmed entertainment?,” he said.

Kneebone believes the lack of definition is being exploited by agencies of all descriptions, all of whom are desperate to prove to their clients their credentials and expertise in this “hot new area”.

Kneebone went on to take aim at the FTA networks, stating that they continue to be obsessed with 30 second commercials rather focusing their time on well-produced, engaging content for brands.

“The free to air networks are entirely disinterested – and in the main – disengaged. They’d prefer to keep running  – and prefer to keep making more money from – ads that last 30 seconds, rather than ads which last 30 minutes,” he said.

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