The BF tracker app – a private investigator in his pants

The BF tracker app – a private investigator in his pants

Have a lover you think is getting a bit on the side? You need the “boyfriend tracker” app that’s made waves in Brazil.

Unfortunately the app – which marketed itself as a “private detective in your partner’s pocket” – has now, sadly, been removed from Google Play app store apparently due to privacy concerns.

The Networker himself can’t see the problem. What’s wrong with an app that stealthily forwards duplicates of text messages to the stalker? Oh erm I mean potentially spurned lover. What’s wrong with an app that lets the user command their partner’s phone to silently call them so they can listen to everything that is going on around their other half?

And there is absolutely nothing untoward about an application that sends constant location updates.

Bring back the ‘Rastreador de Namorados’ (Boyfriend Tracker) app – The Networker knows exactly which agency MD he’ll use it on.

Where it gets interesting is the fact that the app has made an impact in Brazil, one of the countries which had palpitations over the fact it’s a top target of the US National Security Agency’s overseas spy network.

Perhaps the Boyfriend Tracker was popular with Brazil’s own agents Q?

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