TAB: Waterhouse ‘classic example of someone not knowing their audience’

TAB: Waterhouse ‘classic example of someone not knowing their audience’

The biggest mistake bookmaker Tom Waterhouse made was trying to force his messaging onto the public, according to the head of digital at rival TAB Corp.

Speaking at this morning’s Content Marketing Breakfast at MAD Week, Sascha Hunt said Waterhouse is the perfect example of someone not knowing their audience and target market.

In May, Waterhouse apologised to Australia and promised to cut back on his advertising in the wake of a public backlash.

“Firstly, he did great job at raising the profile of our industry, so we’re seeing a lot of halo effect from that, some negative and some positive,” said Hunt.

She added that what Waterhouse has done is highlight the need to have the right message and the right brand, for the the right sports and activities.

"His biggest mistake was that he forced his messaging. He forced his play into a market that wasn’t necessarily ready for him, or wanted it at the same time. I think the backlash that he received was warranted in the sense that he didn’t integrate probably, he picked a code of sport that doesn’t relate to himself, or his brand and family, pushing his message without really thinking about.

“For us, he’s driven cost of media up dramatically, which has been unfortunate."

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