Stolen identity: Febelfin's internet banking campaign

Stolen identity: Febelfin's internet banking campaign

Prosthetic disguises and stolen identities are all part of the follow up to Febelfin Bank's Golden Lion-awarded campaign, Mind Reader.

The new four-minute video, See how easily freaks can take over your life by Duval Guillaume Modem, shows an actor stealing a man’s identity simply by researching the information he has online. The financial details are confirmed and stolen all thanks to a phone call to the victim by a hacker posing as a bank employee.

 Donning a prosthetic nose and taking on the victim’s appearance, the hacker books hotel rooms and makes excessive purchases, using the victim’s online information.

The victim and perpetrator come near face to face at the end of the ad as it warns audiences to never share financial data, njot even over the phone.

The campaign is by Belgium agency Duval Guillaume Modem who took home 10 Cannes Lions this year, and 14 the year before. 

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