Sport audiences increasingly social media savvy

Sport audiences increasingly social media savvy

Australian sport audiences are getting more social media savvy, mobile, and fanatical, reveals the PERFORM Global Sports Media Consumption Report, released today.

"This second annual report into how Australians are engaging with sports media confirms our belief that fans are increasing their demand for content across a range of platforms," says managing director of PERFORM Australia, James Rushton. 

The report shows that 13 million Australians are recognised sports fans and are consuming an increased 8.5 hours of sport a week, up from 6.3 hours in 2012.

While television remains the favourited medium, following the game through social media is growing. Twenty-nine per cent of fans are following games via social media with Facebook the top network for three in four social fans.

Fifty-eight per cent are consuming a game via an internet connection, 30 per cent of which is through a PC and 26 per cent through a mobile device.

One in 10 are multitasking their sporting consumption and watching multiple games by second screening while also watching the television – 75 per cent of those are following live scores of different matches or events.

Contrasting to the male-dominated stereotypes, the gender profile of sporting audiences is nearly split with 47 per cent being female, and there is barely a dominated age bracket with the over 55s just leading the even-fifth split at 21 percent.

Cricket is the favourite of the 13 million-strong audience who follow four to five different games. Tennis and rugby league come in second and third. 

PERFORM's James Rushton concludes, "Sports fans can now get more of what they want in more ways, more of the time, which provides some really exciting opportunities for rights holders, publishers and brands."

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