Social Soup recruits blood donors

Social Soup recruits blood donors


A word-of-mouth campaign created by Social Soup for the Australian Red Cross’ blood service has succeeded in boosting donations.

The campaign targeted 30 to 54-year-olds who had either never donated blood, or had not donated for the past five years.

Social Soup engaged 750 people, offering them information packages and encouraging them and their friends and family to donate. The campaign saw 1,827 blood donations, with 88% of people saying theuy would donate again.

Sharyn Smith, CEO at Social Soup, said: “A third of Australians need blood, yet only one in 30 currently donates. Our campaign challenge was to convince people to find time in their already busy routines, donate blood and then help share this experience within their robust network.

“We found that after first-time donors had crossed their personal barriers and gave blood, they felt great and many went on to advocate for the practice. Most shared their experience in person as well as online, with several later committing to regular contributions for Australian Red Cross. This multiplier effect contributed significantly to the success of the campaign.”

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