Sandilands, Ibrahim and Abberton: Don't Be A D**khead

Sandilands, Ibrahim and Abberton: Don't Be A D**khead

Shock jock Kyle Sandilands stars in a John Ibrahim created campaign, Don’t be a Dickhead, which aims to curb drunken violence on Sydney’s streets.

In the video Sandilands, now a breakfast presenter for ARN’s KIIs FM, can be seen pulling a mate away from a fight with a stranger over an accidental bump on the street.

The clip, which makes friends responsible for their group's behaviour, also features Bra Boy and professional surfer Koby Abberton and carries the hashtag #dontbeadickhead.

Ibrahim, who has stakes in Kings Cross venues, says in the video “self policing is the answer” to drunken violence as the police can’t be everywhere.

“This generation is just running wild at the moment, they need a little bit of guidance,” he said in the clip.

“They need to actually start policing themselves and take a little more responsibility for their actions.”

Ibrahim said every group has a moron and friends need to “step up and step in”, adding that real friends stop their mates acting like idiots and hurting themselves or others.

“It happens over the simplest things, a bump in the street, a fight over a cab, someone hassles your girl. Don’t be a dickhead.”

The clip has notched more than 7,000 views since being uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday.

Comments under the video (see below) have questioned if the message is best told by Ibrahim, Sandilands and Abberton.

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