Samsung takes on Apple in 'Next Big Thing'

Samsung takes on Apple in 'Next Big Thing'

Samsung continues to poke fun at Apple in its latest advertising campaign for the Galaxy S4 which portrays iPhones as the favourite amongst the middle-aged and technically slow.

The new ‘The Next Big Thing’ spot (below) is set at an American graduation party where the young grads show off the capabilities of their new S4s.

The ad points out the iPhone’s lack of NFC when an iPhone user goes to tap her phone to an S4 in an attempt to share a photo after two grads shared a photo by bumping their phones together.

“Oh wow, here, I want to share, can I share to,” the Mum asks eagerly.

 “No yours doesn’t do that,” is the response.

“So some smart phones are smarter than other smart phones…well what are we doing with these ones," asks the Father.

The ads continue on the ‘Next Big Thing’ theme that the brand wheeled out for the Galaxy S III.

In addition to its NFC capabilities, the ads also show off the mobile’s sensor and no-touch answer as well as its picture capabilities.

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