Safer Sydney from the SMH

Safer Sydney from the SMH

The Sydney Morning Herald is calling all those out there who want to do something about the alcohol-fuelled violence on our streets.

The challenge presented in today’s edition gives the public “your chance to help make Sydney safer”.

“We are asking readers to come up with a 30-second video advertisement or poster design aimed at changing the behaviour of aggressive young men,” the challenge stated today.

The challenge draws on the success of the 2007 “pinkie” campaign by the Roads and Traffic Authority where men and women would wiggle their pinkies at speeding drivers, suggesting another body feature was just as small.

With the slogan “Speeding. No one thinks big of you” the campaign appeared more successful than the gruesome and gory images of accidents from speeding.

“Our challenge to you,” the SMH read, “is to come up with a ‘pinkie’ campaign on alcohol-related violence that appeals to a young audience and has the potential to change unsociable behaviour.”

Entries close Friday, February 21 and the winning campaign will be used on the tablet and print editions as well as the winner receiving a cash prize of $2500.

Better get those textas and butcher paper out.

Head to the SMH website for more details.

Alcohol-related violence has been filling up the news lately, with most recent being the king-hit of Daniel Christie in Kings Cross on New Years Eve.

With horrific stories such as Christie’s and the fatal punching of Thomas Kelly in July 2012, there have been numerous pleas for something to be done.

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