Russel Howcroft’s 101 reasons why he loves advertising

Russel Howcroft’s 101 reasons why he loves advertising

If you’re looking for the second half of Russel Howcroft’s 101 reasons why he loves advertising as they wouldn’t all squeeze into one page of B&T's new magazine, check out the rest of them below.

51.  It doesn’t take itself too seriously.

52.  It can influence public policy.

53.  It makes products cheaper. It generates mass demand, which enables manufacturers to create products on a grand scale. This creates savings that are passed on to the consumer.

54.  It helps charities. Agencies in many instances are the first businesses charities turn too when confronted with the need to raise awareness and funds. And agencies do this work for free.

55.  The company bars….

56.  It likes to be near vibrant areas. In fact, it creates vibrant areas.

57.  It makes something out of nothing all the time. And then that something makes something happen.

58.  There is always someone interesting to meet.

59.  The dinner party conversations are always the most interesting 😉

60.  There is always a beer in the company fridge. And you’re encouraged to drink it.

61.  You can set yourself a task of writing a commercial with dwarfs and get it made.

62.  You can set yourself the task of writing a commercial with a monkey and get it made.

63.  You can set yourself the task of opening the commercial in Tahiti and try to get it made.

64.  You can have inane, and personally amusing, conversation about the size of a logo.

65.  Sometimes advertising can inspire people to do good.

66.  Creativity and Intelligence are continuously sought after.

67.  It’s great for promiscuous types (you get to work on more than one problem and brand most days of the week).

68.  You end up with something to show for your efforts.

69.  You can spend an entire afternoon in a conversation with your mum trying to explain what it is you do.

70.  The advertising world doesn’t believe its own BS. Perhaps that’s a little weird, because ultimately what it does is create stories (and yes, sometimes there is a degree of BS) but it does this with eyes wide open. Indeed, the right kind of BS can create extra-ordinary success.

71.  It can help politicians with their aspirations.

72.  Advertising is the key to the consumer money-go-round. Without it, much of what we know about our mass demand consumer world would stop.

73.  The mass market machine – driven by advertising – brings the price of every day goods down.

74.  You have Don Draper to aspire too.

75.  You can travel the world.

76.  Advertising talent is transferable to any market in the world.

77.  There are clear measures for success.

78.  The marketplace assesses you every day.

79.  You can invent a new typeface.

80.  There is an appreciation of the finer things in life.

81.  We don’t mind saying the truth about ourselves as consumers.

82.  Sometimes you can get lucky simply because you work in ads.

83.  It has the compelling mix of intense competition and camaraderie.

84.  You have to fight for your right to survive every day. An edgier life is the result.

85.  Being a chameleon can be an important ingredient for success.

86.  At its very best, it’s like the perfect smash hit. It’s simple, powerful, has mass appeal and will be remembered forever.

87.  It’s slow to judge individuals.

88.  It’s always changing, and never boring.

89.  It’s a beautiful blend of art and science: psychology, strategy and creativity.

90.  A world with no commercials would be a greyer place.

91.  It helps businesses, large and small, to grow.

92.  It creates iconic moments in popular culture.

93.  It’s happy to share. You openly discuss what is, and what isn’t working in the industry and how we can progress.

94.  It keeps you on your toes. Every client has a different set of challenges which require fresh thinking.

95.  You can keep our clients on their toes. It’s a very satisfying feeling to deliver a creative campaign the client wasn’t expecting. 

96.  It’s a melting pot of creative, interesting individuals. 

97.  There is something new to learn every day.

98.  There’s plenty of opportunity for career development and progression.

99.  You are always striving to be better.

100.  You can help companies to reignite a passion for their brand.

101.  You get to put ourselves in other people’s shoes and understand what makes them tick.

Guest editor Russel Howcroft with the B&T team

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