Run out of milk? Beware the consequences

Run out of milk? Beware the consequences

A green glowing girl and the line “preservatives have consequences” and a crazy cat lady are the latest instalments to Devondale’s growing list of humours ads, courtesy of DDB Melbourne.

The ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ spot shows a old lady with a cat full of felines who lets her furry friends slurp milk straight from the bottle.

The old lady takes a glug of milk herself before it cuts to a neighbour looking to borrow some milk.

Kit Rahman, Devondale marketing manager, said: "Running out of milk is a hassle and because Devondale long-life milk lasts a long time (unopened), this campaign reminds Australians to always keep a Devondale in the fridge – or deal with the consequences."

The second new Devondale ad is ‘Glow Girl’. This spot (second below) is designed to tackle the belief that long-life milk is packed full of preservatives.

Executive creative director Darren Spiller said: "As parents we all feel the pressure of monitoring what our children eat.”

 "It's quite an emotionally charged issue, so instead of preaching, we convey the 'no preservatives' message with disarming humour. Which is what people expect from Devondale."

Rahman added: "We decided to tackle this misconception by demonstrating the evils of preservatives and then presenting the unlikely solution in the form of Devondale long-life milk. It'll surprise a few people – some consumers just don't believe milk can last that long without adding any "nasties" to it – but it's great to bust a consumer myth in such a fun way."

Both shots will be supported by path to purchase and online executions. Tim Bullock shot both commercials.

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