Roxy ad leads to cries of exploitation

Roxy ad leads to cries of exploitation

An online ad for female clothing brand Roxy’s female surf event has led to cries of exploitation from some sides, with the 90-second clip showing just a few second of a woman on a surfboard.

Opening on a tanned blonde lying half-naked on a bed, cutting to her donning a very see-through white shirt and then some gratuitous shots of her waxing her board in a bikini, the Sydney Morning Herald described it as “soft porn”.

Describing the ad as “very voyeuristic” Professor Catharine Lumby of Macquarie University told the paper: “It looks more like a lingerie ad … It seems completely out of touch with modern Australia and little to do with the sport it is publicising."

So far it has attracted 250,000 views on YouTube for the Roxy Pro Biaritz 2013 event there are no comments, while it signs off with a rallying cry of “To all the daring girls out there, let’s have a blast!”.

It was also posted on teh Roxy Facebook page with the comment "Ooh la la? Steamy? What do you think?", although coments appear to have been disabled on that thread, while another post also appears to show limited, mainly positive, comments.

Here’s the ad – is it exploitation? Leave your comments via the form below.

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