Robed-Meerkat buys 'laptop-amabob'

Robed-Meerkat buys 'laptop-amabob'

Save Sergei from being worked to death under the orders of meerkat boss Aleksandr Orlov and learn the difference between and

In the health insurance comparison site’s latest ad Aleksandr gives his unfortunate head of IT and ‘head tea maker’ Sergei a new laptop so he can work all day and night to deal with the influx of incorrect searches reaching

Aleksandr is convinced there will be a rise of wayward clicks hitting his site as consumers look to compare insurance options head of the health insurance price hike on April 1.

Aleksandr said: “Sergei is slow, like old slug. Hopefullys new laptop-amabob will make him fast and efficient, like burrowing dung beetle!”

The ‘Tough Decisions’ ad is the latest in a series of instalments for the burgundy-robed meerkat and his stressed sidekick since they launched in the market.

Grant Waldeck, spokesperson, said: “A large portion of our success is thanks to the engagement and popularity of Aleksandr and Sergei. The hilarity that their personas bring to Australian screens is second to none and the quality of the production distinguishes us in a busy online aggregation market. The impact of the TVC is apparent in the number of enquiries we receive after the TVCs went to air. We’re delighted that we’ve found such a great connection with the Australian market.”

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