Responsive design on the uptake

Responsive design on the uptake

Responsive design is slowly being taken up in the Australian market despite its glitches. The new design format aims to cater to the ever expanding market of devices and smartphones by rearranging content according to the device the website’s being accessed from.

The technique counters the need to build different sites for Android and Apple, desktop and mobile. David Bentley recently made the point that as readers, we don’t seek different experiences of the same website from each platform, but simply the same content accessible on whichever device we’re using at them time.

Responsive design is still having teething problems. Websites built with responsive design can experience delayed loading of images and content, and issues with the formatting of advertisements.  And being relatively new technology, it can be quite an expensive option. As can designing for several different platforms, of course.

Suzuki has been one of the first automotive clients to chose responsive design for its new emagazine Way of Life, with the guidance of Edge custom publishing. The online publication covers vehicle launches, promotions, travel stories and news about the brand, and is sent to more than 100,000 Suzuki fans.

Edge’s director Fergus Stoddart said the company recognised Suzuki’s audience used multiple devices and a multi-screen solution was required. “A responsive design, while maybe costing a little more, will ensure the entire Suzuki customer database has access to the new e-magazine,” Stoddart said.  

“Edge believes in choosing the delivery option that best suits the audience, and in Suzuki’s case, responsive design fit the bill. With more than 100,000 people using multiple devices to be reached, responsive design will enable this.”

Suzuki Australia’s national communications manager, Andrew Ellis said, “Until now, Suzuki didn’t have a way of regularly communicating with our customers, other than through our annual print magazine. This new online channel will provide a digital touch point to our growing customer base, as well as our dealer network.”

“Once again, the team at Edge has made the promotion of Suzuki into the digital realm a seamless one,” Ellis added.

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