Radio: WSFM stalks 2Day as Smooth chases Mix

Radio: WSFM stalks 2Day as Smooth chases Mix

The status-quo in Sydney’s radio market is under threat as WSFM’s Jonesy & Amanda stalk Kyle & Jackie O and Smoothfm continues to chase Mix.

The fight for FM breakfast dominance between 2Day FM and WSFM continues in the year’s fourth survey as challengers Jonesy & Amanda move closer to Sydney’s ratings royalty, Kyle & Jackie O.

Jonesy & Amanda increased WSFM’s share of Sydney’s breakfast listeners by 1.6 percentage points, the largest jump for any Sydney station.

The leap narrows the gap between the WSFM duo and Kyle & Jackie O to just 0.8 points, according to Nielsen’s latest radio ratings survey.

Duncan Campbell, national content director for Australian Radio Network (owner of WSFM), said: “It’s another solid result for us today and we’re particularly happy with Jonesy & Amanda’s excellent result in Sydney.

“They consistently work really hard and deserve this success.”

The steep rise comes recently after WSFM de-throned 2Day FM as the market’s top FM station, the win was short-lived however with Southern Cross Austereo-owned 2Day FM regaining the lead in the following survey.

Today, Kyle & Jackie O grew slightly adding 0.4 points to reach 10% and continue their hold on FM breakfast.

Overall Sydney leader 2GB has been awarded the dubious honour of the fourth-survey’s biggest fall.

In Monday to Sunday the AM station dropped 1.7 points to 13% with the loss largely driven out of breakfast where Alan Jones’ share fell by 1.2 points. Despite the drops the station still has a strong lead, dominating breakfast on 15.8% and drive with 11%.

Smoothfm continues to chase down Mix, with the DMG Radio owned station narrowing the Mix 106.5’s Monday to Sunday lead to 0.2 points. Smoothfm 95.3 now sits on 5.7% behind Mix 106.5’s 5.9%.

The overall share growth comes as Smooth jumps 1.3 points in drive to 5.9%, just behind Mix’s 6.1%.

Paul Jackson, group program director DMG Radio, told B&T Smooth “looks sensational” with 72% growth year-on-year.

“It bodes very well. We are looking to do some more Smooth marketing soon to raise the awareness of the station.

“Over the period of a couple of years when we have full awareness and everybody knows what smooth is and that it’s there then its set brilliantly to leap even further forward.”

In Melbourne, Fox FM was overtaken by fellow SCA station Triple M in breakfast.

Triple M’s The Hot Breakfast added one point to its share to take 9.5%, just ahead of Fox’s 9.2%.

Triple M also overtook Gold in Monday to Sunday after Gold lost 0.7 points, with the ARN station now sitting on 7.9% behind Triple M’s 8.1%.

The growth for Triple M comes after breakfast presenter Eddie McGuire’s on-air gaffe that Sydney Swans player Adam Goodes could be used for promoting King Kong. The statements came after McGuire, who is also president of the Collingwood Football Club, apologised to Goodes after a teenage Collingwood supporter called Goodes an “ape” during a match between the two teams.

Meanwhile, in drive 3AW grew by one point to take 11% but is still behind Fox FM which added 0.9 points to win 12.2%. 3AW also had a presenter in hot water recently, with Dee Dee Dunleavy accused of “victim blaming” after she said Nigella Lawson needs to “make a stand on domestic violence”.

Smoothfm 91.5 sits one point behind Mix 101.1 in breakfast and two points behind in drive. Both stations posted slight drops of less than one point in breakfast and drive.

ARN’s Mix 102.3 was the star of Adelaide’s radio ratings where the Mix network posted the market’s largest leaps.

Mix 102.3 boosted its overall lead by a huge 2.3 points, growing its Monday to Sunday share to 16.8%. Runner up 5AA sits on 11%.

Mix added 3.2 points to drive share to take a commanding 17.3%. The only other station to increase its drive share was 5AA, albeit by less than one point.

Every other station dropped with Triple M losing 1.6 points, Nova 91.9 lost 1.4 while SAFM and Cruise shed 1.1 points each.

In breakfast Mix’s lead increased from 13% to 15.1%. Only Nova 91.9 matched Mix’s growth, adding 2.1 points to take 12.3%. Triple M’s Hot Breakfast team’s share fell from 10.5% to 8.2%.

In Perth SCA’s Mix 94.5 was overtaken by 96FM after Mix lost one point to drop to 12.3% behind 96FM’s 13.5% Monday to Sunday share.

In drive Mix 94.5 fell from 13.2% to 11.5% as 96FM leapt 1.3 points to take 12.6% of the important slot. Mix didn’t suffer the largest drop in drive however, with Nova 93.7 sinking 2 points to 13.2%.

The loss has seen Nova’s dominance of the slot narrow, with just 0.6 points between it and 96FM.

Nova does still lead breakfast on 12.3%, but Mix 94.5 is sneaking up on it with just 0.2 points between the two stations.

Nova is the success story of survey four in Brisbane, where Nova 106.9 is now the market’s top station on 13.3%.

The DMG Radio station is no longer runner-up in breakfast and drive where it now leads after jumps of 1.1 and 1.4 points respectively. Nova 106.9 now has 12.9% of Brisbane’s breakfast listeners and 15.5% of drive listeners.

DMG’s Jackson said the result was great and joked that the “Brisbane team are already out in the pub somewhere”.

Former breakfast and drive ruler, ARN’s 97.3FM now has 12.4% of breakfast and 13.9% of drive after a 0.6 point drop.

B105, part of SCA’s Today Network, was dealt the largest share blows in Brisbane where it dropped almost across the board.

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