Radio Ratings: WSFM overtakes 2Day FM

Radio Ratings: WSFM overtakes 2Day FM

Radio station 2DayFM has been knocked off its pedestal as ratings drops in the important breakfast and drive slots sees WSFM take the coveted title as Sydney’s number one FM station.

Australian Radio Network’s WSFM now rules the market with 8.5% as rival 2DayFM’s overall Monday to Sunday audience share slides from 9.3% to 8.4%.

Driving 2DayFm’s loss was a 1.8% drop in the drive slot which is led by Fifi & Jules Tuesday to Friday and Hamish & Andy on Monday’s.

The drop has seen the station lose its number one spot in drive to 2GB.

The Kyle & Jackie O Breakfast was also dealt a slight audience dip of 0.8%, however the duo continue to lead with a 10.2% share.

Duncan Campbell, Australian Radio Network’s (ARN) national content director, said: “It’s a fantastic day for us. It’s driven by a solid strategy executed through genuine hard work from one of the best teams in the business. WSFM has consistently been the number 1 FM Sydney station in our 40-54 target demographic over a number of years, but to go beyond this is a real achievement.”

Nova 96.9’s breakfast duo have added half a point, growing their share of Sydney’s breakfast audience to 6.8% in the latest Nielsen radio ratings survey.

Meanwhile, talk station 2GB has maintained its grip on breakfast with a 15.7% share and regained number one spot in drive after adding 0.8 points to hit 11%.

2GB also continues to dominate the Sydney radio market with an overall share of 13.2% after adding 1.2% on the previous survey result.



The good times continued for ARN in Melbourne where Gold 104.3 added 1.7 points to its overall share to overtake DMG Radio Australia’s Nova 100.

The jump has seen Gold narrow the gap between itself and Melbourne’s number one FM station, Southern Cross Austereo’s Fox Fm, to just half a point.

Gold’s growth was driven out of breakfast where it jumped 1.6 points to take a 6.9% share. In drive the station added 1 point to claim a share of 8.1% putting it above fellow ARN station Mix 101.1.

Mix 101 dropped slightly in both breakfast and drive, by 0.6 and 0.3 points respectively.

DMG’s smoothfm performed better again in Melbourne than it did in Sydney, this time growing by 0.7 points in breakfast and 0.6 in drive.

Southern Cross Austereo’s Triple M overtook Nova 100 in breakfast after posting audience growth of just under one point.

3AW ratings have continued to drop in the second survey of the year. The talk station shed 1.1 points in Monday to Sunday, one point in breakfast and half a point in drive.

In the previous survey 3AW suffered a 1.2 drop in breakfast and a massive 2.1 point decline in drive.



In Brisbane SCA’s B105 was the success story as it jumped 1.8 points to take an overall share of 11.6% and is now chasing FM runner-up Nova 106.9.

B105 has moved from third place in breakfast to first after adding 2.2 points to take 11.9%.

The growth puts the station ahead of ARN’s 97.3FM (11.7%), Nova (10.9%) and Triple M (9.5%).

In drive B105 is now neck-to-neck with 97.3FM with both sitting on 13.2%.




There were both highs and lows for Adelaide radio stations as the latest ratings survey.

Overall, the most growth was recorded by Triple M which added 1.1 points to its Monday to Sunday share to overtake Nova 91.9 and SAFM.

The largest overall loss was felt by Mix 102.3 which shed 2 points to come down to 14.8%.

In the important breakfast slot Mix lost 1.7 points and handed first place to talk station Fiveaa which also lost one point.

SAFM added 1.2 points to its share of breakfast listeners to take 8.8% and has overtaken Nova (8%).

Fiveaa continues to lead drive despite a 2.5 point drop to 13.5%.

Mix 102.3 lost 1.6 points which reduced its share to 13.1%. The drop has narrowed the gap between Mix and competitor SAFM (12.2%).

Triple M recorded the slots most growth of 2.2 points.



In Perth’s tight radio market Mix 94.5 continues to dominate breakfast despite suffering a drop of 1.7 points.

The decline has seen the Nova 93.7, which remained steady on 12.4%, sneak up on Mix.

SCA’s 92.9 dropped 1.5 points to fall out of the top four breakfast shows to be replaced by 96FM.

The competition is now even tighter in drive as three stations, Mix, 92.9 and Nova, now all sit between 13% and 14%.

Slot leader Mix dropped slightly to 13.9% while runner up 92.9 fell to 13.4% to be replaced by Nova in second place with a share of 13.8% after adding half a point.

Talk station 6PR added 1.8 points in drive, the growth pushing the station’s overall Monday to Sunday audience increase of 1 point.


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