Quakers Oats campaign warms to digital

Quakers Oats campaign warms to digital


A new Quaker Oats campaign is the first to use OohMedia’s multiple retail channels to reach customers as they make last-minute purchase decisions.

The campaign, running at Coles stores in 80 shopping centres around Australia, uses mobile phone messaging, static and digital signage and in-store product sampling.

Shoppers will receive a mobile message that reads ‘20% off Quakers Oats’ and telling them they can try the oats in Coles. Quakers Heaps of Fruit Oats advertising is being installed inside shopping centres. And OohMedia’s experiential team, OohFactor, will be inviting shoppers to try the oats in-store.

Emma Kay, senior account director at Phd, said: “What’s unique about this campaign is our ability to target and engage the shopper at multiple points on their path to purchase.

“We believe that focusing our efforts on reaching and engaging consumers just prior to the point of purchase, we are more likely to influence decisions and, as a result, drive sales.”

Blair Hamilford, OohMedia’s commercial director of retail sales, added: “It’s great to see clients embracing and utilising new technology to contribute to a campaign’s success.”


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