QLD Government urging Aussies to boycott Ben & Jerry’s

QLD Government urging Aussies to boycott Ben & Jerry’s

Icecream company Ben & Jerry’s has come under fire from the Queensland government for partaking in the "propaganda" of the WWF's 'Save the Reef' campaign.

According to the Brisbane Times, the Queensland Government wants people to boycott the company, saying “they’ve damaged the reputation of the reef and jeopardised jobs and tourism dollars”.

The article states how Ben & Jerry’s are supporting the “propaganda” of WWF’s ‘Save the Reef’ campaign.

The Brisbane Times reports Environment Minister Andrew Powell as saying: ‘‘Another company has signed up to the campaign of lies and deceit that’s been propagated by WWF.

‘‘The only people taking a scoop out of the reef is Ben and Jerry’s and Unilever.

‘‘If you understand the facts, you’d want to be boycotting Ben and Jerry’s.’’

Social media has been quick to respond to the allegations to “boycott” the ice cream company.

Ben & Jerry’s joined forces with WWF Australia to fight to protect our Great Barrier Reef.

The campaign will see the popular ice cream brand giving out free serves around Australia to help raise awareness of “how the Reef is at serious risk from intensive dredging, mega ports and shipping highways”.

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