Q&A gets the social chatter going

Q&A gets the social chatter going

Sport and reality shows dominate the TV-related social media chat in Australia, according to new research by Magna Global and Reprise Media.

The two companies have released the SARPs (Social Audience Rating Points) rankings for May, showing the level of social media conversations around TV shows.

Bucking the trend, the ABC’s Q&A topped the rankings for May, having come in third in April.

The AFL was in second place, followed by Eurovison, The Voice (first in April), ABC News, Game of Thrones, The Block, A-League, Super Rugby and, completing the top 10, Formula One Racing.

Victor Corones, managing director at Magna Global, said: “Sports and reality shows are dominating social media conversations because of the unpredictability of the outcomes. Imagine people at home watching TV and using their tablets or smart phones to commentate on new developments as the shows progress – and no-one knows the outcomes.”

Game of Thrones, however, is an exception to the rule.

Game of Thrones is a very intricately detailed, character-driven narrative, proving more and more popular because of how immersed viewers are with the drama unfolding on screen,” said Corones. “This in turn gives viewers more things to discuss and dissect in their social media discussions.”

The Voice was a clear winner in April but dropped to fourth place in May.

Corones explained: “The challenge for reality competitions, like The Voice, is to retain people’s enthusiasm and attention throughout the life of a show. Although a program may have had a massive season premier, as The Voice did, talkability wanes because the shows have a set format. Eurovision had massive chatter because it was such a singular event.”

He concluded: “Social media users are fickle, at best, and are quick to alter their allegiances at the swipe of a switch.”

Pictured: Tony Jones, host of the ABC’s Q&A

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