Pure Blonde tests Aussies’ purity

Pure Blonde tests Aussies’ purity

Low carb beer Pure Blonde has kicked off a new campaign to put Australians’ altruism to the test.

The ‘Prize or praise’ campaign encourages random “acts of purity”.

Drinkers who buy a specially-marked carton of Pure Blonde, or who buy a round of Pure Blonde at the bar, will get a unique code to enter online or via SMS.

If they win a prize, they have to decide – before knowing what it is – if they want to accept the prize or the praise.

If they accept the praise, their prize will go to one of their friends. The top prize up for grabs is a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe.

Alastair McCausland, marketing manager for Pure Blonde, said: “There are so many promotions out there these days either giving away lame trinkets or big unattainable prizes. So we thought that with the Prize or Praise promotion we’d mix things up a bit.

“This promotion plays on the fact that you don’t know what you’ve won until you’ve chosen to keep or pass it. We’re also keen to hero those who chose the praise over the prize. With our media partner, Nova, we’ll be celebrating their purity in some pretty novel ways.” 


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