Positive first result for 'clunky' Wake Up

Positive first result for 'clunky' Wake Up

Ten’s refreshed breakfast line-up of Wake Up and Studio 10 pulled “pretty acceptable” debut numbers according to one media analyst.

Wake Up pulled in 52,000 metro viewers on Monday morning, according to OzTam’s preliminary metro ratings. Studio 10, which kicked off at 8.30am, won more viewers with 61,000 people tuning in.

Fusion Strategy’s Steve Allen told B&T that given the large cash prizes on offer on Seven and Nine’s morning programs the results are satisfactory.

“It will build towards 100,000. So whilst they have started off on the light side one can’t forget that there is a million and a half dollars being thrown against them,” Allen said.

On Monday morning Seven’s Sunrise pulled in 368,000 viewers and Today won 321,000 for Nine.

“Sure, they [Ten] are doing a lot of giveaways and promotions but they are not the incumbents,” Allen added.

“With the incumbents putting so much money into their breakfast and morning shows to reward viewers for staying with them we think it is a pretty acceptable number. But it will be critical where it goes next.”

Ten’s previous foray into brekkie TV Breakfast launched with a debut audience of 51,000 but viewers turned off quickly before it was axed in November last year.

The larger turnout to Studio 10 shows the earlier start of 8.30am was a “clever little move” on behalf of Ten’s director of morning television, Adam Boland.

Boland told Mediaweek via Twitter that Monday’s result is a “promising start” (see below).

Allen, who was judging the programs based on live audience results, feels Wake Up is “sufficiently different” and could win over viewers due to its “archetypal Australian” broadcasting location.

“It is clever to have it at a surf club at a beach. The fact that it is discernibly Sydney may turn off some interstate viewers,” Allen warned.

“Particularly those in Melbourne because, as The Block has found, you can do anything in Melbourne and Sydney will watch it.

“You do something in Sydney and a good part of the Melbourne audience won’t watch it.”

Wake Up Review:

Wake Up – hosted by Natarsha Belling, James Mathison and Natasha Exelby – felt “clunky” according to Allen.

“It felt like they were really on edge and not really relaxed, it was first day jitters,” Allen added.

He also believes there “too many ingredients in Wake Up”: “You hardly got two minutes and there was somebody else popping up on screen.”

“They are certainly trying to make it fast paced but we felt it didn’t quite come together because of that.”

Studio Ten Review:

In comparison to Wake-Up’s lukewarm review Studio Ten won the analyst over. He believed the “sunshine wattage” and “charm” was dialled up the minute the Studio Ten team hit the screen.

Studio Ten’s hosts include Ita Buttrose, Jessica Rowe, Sarah Harris and Joe Hildebrand.

The Verdict:

Allen believes Wake Up needs the most work but is sure all can be fixed.

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