Pleasure yourself every day to stay creative says Lou Reed

Pleasure yourself every day to stay creative says Lou Reed

Pleasuring yourself every day is the key to staying creative and the world is "just opening up to culture" according to legendary musician Lou Read.

Speaking at Cannes the Perfect Day singer blasted the notion "things used to be better" and said he believes advertising is getting better, with "some of the most creative people in the world" working in the field now.

When asked how he stays creative the 71-year-old said in a deadpan style "I masturbate every day".

And when asked about Vivienne Westwood's comments that culture is eroding he blasted: "I think the world is just opening up to culture, a new culture where new people have a new way of doing things, new focuses and new everything. It's just a generational thing.

"Everybody old always says it was better before, but I don't think it was better before, it's just different now. 

"If you look at it like that we should go back to Shakespearean times, it's been downhill ever since."

On the quality of advertising he added: "There's some really creative people doing these things now, it's not like before. Some of them are really funny, some of the camera use and photography is monumentally genius.

"These guys are serious, they're not just churning something out."

Reed also said he was "shocked" at the US data spying claims, and the amount of personal details people put on Facebook and Twitter.

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