Oreo dunks on Dumb Ways' viral recipe

Oreo dunks on Dumb Ways' viral recipe

They say imitation is the height of flattery , well if that’s the case Oreo has splattered Melbourne’s Metro Trains with milk in its rush to dunk its cookie into Dumb Ways to Die’s viral magic.

The cookie-brand has an illustrated online video, with a cutesy-song all about how to make the world a better and safer place from vampires and bears by sharing the black and white biscuit.

It goes: “Wonder if I gave an Oreo to the big bad wolf how would the story go? Would he still go huff and puff? Or would he bring those pigs cool stuff?

“Wonder if I a gave an Oreo to a vampire in a creepy show. Would he not act so un-dead? Would he thirst for milk instead?”

The Networker thinks the video’s recipe looks remarkably like McCann Melbourne’s award winning Dumb Ways to Die. In fact, the Oreo work was created by fellow Interpublic Group shop, The Martin Agency.

The cookie-brand has been all about viral marketing recently, think back to its spotlight stealing Super Bowl tweet when the lights went out. But there are more than a few similarities here.

Have a looksee and tell The Networker what you think?  Or do you think Oreo's take is definitely a twist, dunk and lick far enough way from Dumb Ways?

One thing’s for sure, The Networker can’t wait to coat his teeth in the tell-tale black Oreo crumbs…

UPDATED: It appears to get worse for Oreo, with an original version of this same ad featuring fairly different animation for the song (see third clip).


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