Optus brand chief says wildlife became “unmanageable”

Optus brand chief says wildlife became “unmanageable”

The director of brand ideas and acitivation at Optus has said the telco’s ditching of animal mascots from its advertising was because the campaign had “lost its way”.

Last month Optus made the decision to rebrand, departing from animals and returning to its ‘yes’ campaign.

Andrew Branwhite told yesterday’s MAD Week Innovation Afternoon panel discussion that Optus had decided that, although the long running animals campaign “had been a perfectly good strategy”, it had run its course and a change was required. 

"It always seems to come back to this, probably because we’ve had animals for ten years, and they were so intrinsically linked with the brand,” said Branwhite (pictured with microphone).

“So when you remove something, everybody is worried about that one thing. But when you try to manage wildlife as a brand icon, or if it's the reason why the brand actually exisits, it’s unmanageable,” he said, adding that “pre-pay is not about penguins”.

Branwhite added: “What we’ve realised is during the life cycle of what was a perfectly good strategy, that worked really, it lost its way.”

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