No celebrity chef required

No celebrity chef required

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is rendered useless in the kitchen by Fonterra’s Perfect Italiano range of products in a new television ad.

The campaign features a busy women whipping up a storm in the kitchen with Ramsay offering his assistance.

But instead of being put to work in the kitchen Ramsay is sent to deal with the rubbish, mow the lawn, wash the windows and eventually the dishes.

Ant Keogh, executive creative director of Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, said: "I'm hesitant to ruin his image as a tough guy, but Gordon was a great sport throughout the whole production.”

Tony Tyree, marketing manager for cheese and spreads, agreed: “Working with Gordon was fantastic – as easy as using Perfect Italiano. The concept of ‘No celebrity chef required’ really brings to life what Perfect Italiano is all about – helping to add simple Italian flair to everyday meals with great tasting fit-for-purpose cheese.”

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