Nine forces are murdering magazine apps

Nine forces are murdering magazine apps

Magazine apps and tablet magazines have become an “afterthought” and gimmicks “intended mostly to impress 22-year-old media buyers”, according to one US-based publishing blog.

The ‘Who killed the magazine app’ post argues that “trend-happy” publishers have moved on from the magazine app and are now focused more on their web presences.

Publishers, advertisers, Apple, Google and Amazon are among nine forces Dead Tree Edition said are cutting short the magazine apps’ lifespan.

Google tilts the web towards publishers with articles written by respected and well-known authors, according to the blog.

“That gives publishers more incentive to put new content on the Web and not inside he walled garden of an app.”

Publishers proved too flighty and failed to give apps enough time to develop. When tablet editions showed no signs of immediate success “we cut off their rations”.

“It didn’t help that we undercut our apps by putting most of our content on the free web and by offering ridiculous discounts on print subscriptions but not on digital ones.”

For more see the full article on Dead Tree Edition here. 

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