New real-time tool offers 'mapp' to mag data

New real-time tool offers 'mapp' to mag data

Estimated weekly performance data for current magazine issues are now available to media agencies and clients within 14 days of the title hitting the stand.

The new data is available through the map (Magazine Audience Performance Predictor) analysis tool from the Magazine Publishers of Australia (MPA).

The tool predicts current issue performance using early sales estimates and readership trend data.

“The new metrics from mapp are designed to enhance the performance of media agency marketing mix models by providing more accurate, granular inputs for use in modelling, in line with the type of data used for other media such as TV and online,” the release said.

“Current models are restricted by the type of audience data available for magazines which is typically historical, smoothed averages of readership spanning a 12-month period.”

The mapp tool is available online, offering real-time performance estimates and granular historical weekly data.

MPA said the tool is not intended to replace the existing industry survey data but to supplement it.

Chairman of the MPA – whose members include Bauer Media, Pacific Magazines and News Life Media – Matthew Stanton said the mapp tool is in response to agency and client requests for more transparency, timeliness and granularity.

“Recent studies overseas indicate that magazine ROI is understated by up to 19%1 under current media mix modelling, compared to when more granular inputs such as those used in mapp are applied,” Stanton, the chief executive of Bauer Media, added.

“In conjunction with our BAM (Buyer’s Action Measure) tool, mapp demonstrates clear accountability and tangible proof of performance of the benefits of magazine advertising.”

Mapp and its website were developed with data analytics company Quantium.

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