New agency champions underdog brands

New agency champions underdog brands

A new independent creative agency that promises to champion underdog brands has been established by former JWT and Ogilvy general manager Richard Carr and Arnold Furnace’s Tony Singleton.

The new Sydney creative shop, dubbed Mr. Wolf, promises to help the little guys take on the big guys.

It is described as a strategy-led agency that combines behavioural science with creative crowd-sourcing.

Carr, who is Mr Wolf’s managing partner, said underdog brands are a natural choice for Mr Wolf.

“We have great experience in them, you can create a real and tangible impact on their business and they generally recognise that creative thinking is the only way to win,” he said.

Singleton said working with underdog or challenger brands forces you to “be more inventive”.

“You can’t afford the lazy conventional approach and achieving more with less is a simple business necessity – I love the challenge this creates,” Singleton, Mr Wolf’s managing partner and head of strategy, said.

Singleton is the former MD and head of strategy at Arnold Furnace.

Carr said Mr Wolf has been built to address the key challenges facing underdog brand owners including restricted budgets, cost of creative services and find partners who will commit “to their business as much as they do”.

“In a market of largely undifferentiated agency offerings, we think it really sets us apart,” Carr added.

The agency features what it describes as a “hybrid crowd-sourcing model”, with a network of local and global collaborators to work across all disciplines.

The fact Carr and Singleton have ‘real skin-in-the-game’ with the new agency also sets Mr Wolf apart, according to Singleton.

“Everything changes when you have a stake in a business’ success – you approach things differently, you care about it more and you make different decisions.  We like to back ourselves and link our destiny to the success of our clients.  And not by the usual token 10% – we put real skin-in-the-game”

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