Name change and Christmas campaign for Hardwire

Name change and Christmas campaign for Hardwire

Formerly known as The DM Group, Hardwire has launched their Christmas campaign ‘Christmas stuffing’, an interactive feast of Santa’s favourite TV.

Hardwire invites you to celebrate a great Christmas tradition – laying on the couch with the belt undone after too much Chrissy pud.

Use your mouse to explore Santa’s lounge room and get him settled in for a session of bad Christmas TV. You control the remote on 16 channels featuring Rob Lowe, Bing Crosby, Julie Andrews, Wham, and much more.

One of Melbourne’s oldest agencies, Hardwire changed its name from The DM Group to better reflect its business as it is today.

Hardwire more accurately communications how the company is hardwired to deliver results, comprised of those who grew up with the web and know it inside out.

Led by a number of Australia’s most experienced direct marketers, Hardwire works with some of Australia’s finest brands, including BHP Billiton, Golf Australia and The Compass Group.

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