NZ creatives take potshot across the ditch

NZ creatives take potshot across the ditch

Creative agencies in New Zealand have taken a dig at their contemporaries in Australia, claiming they lack confidence.

While NZ may be scoring multiple tries creatively, its view across the ditch to Australia is apparently not as inspiring.

"Australia’s quite an aggressive and confident country psychologically, but it’s not very aggressive and confident in its communication,” says Nick Garrett, managing director of Colenso BBDO. “Australia feels to me less and less confident creatively. The quality of work across Australia hasn’t increased in the last couple of years. It’s decreased. The best work is still world class but the depth underneath doesn’t feel as strong.”

Andy Fackrell (pictured), executive creative director of DDB Group New Zealand, believes that NZ’s advertising is “much less commercial and in your face” than Australia, with a softer and more storytelling style approach.

Fackrell added that “you can’t hide the work that you do in New Zealand, it’s on in front of you the next day and you will see it a lot, so there is a lot of pride in work here".

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