NZ advertising spend hits reverse

NZ advertising spend hits reverse

The New Zealand Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has reported that advertising revenue across all main media was NZ$2.164 ($1.719) billion for the 12 months ended 31 December 2012 slightly down on the 2011 total of NZ$2.179 ($1.731) billion.

The turnover includes data from television, newspapers, interactive media, radio, magazines, outdoor, addressed mail, unaddressed mail, and cinema.

Interactive advertising earned a 17% share of all ad spend while TV remained static and newspapers decreased compared to 2011.

Growth in online slowed to 12%, compared to 28% last year, while both TV (-0.6%) and newspapers (-7.0%) lost ground.

Alisa Higgins, IABNZ, general manager, says “it was a tough year for all media with everyone feeling the pinch however this shows that more and more advertisers are turning to interactive advertising as it continues to prove its effectiveness in delivering cost efficient ROI.”

IABNZ is predicting interactive advertising’s share to increase to 19% at the end of this year following total market growth of 11%.

Laura Maxwell-Hansen, general manager, of Yahoo!New Zealand and IABNZ chair says this reflects the latest Roy Morgan figures which illustrate that “in total the internet accounts for 27% of our time spent with any media each week. This is up from 17% in 2007 while television, newspapers and magazines have all declined.”

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