Myf Warhurst face of Bonds' 'Super Boobs'?

Myf Warhurst face of Bonds' 'Super Boobs'?

Details revealing what Bonds’ ‘Boobs’ is all about are slowly trickling out with the Bonds website now showcasing a new range of Bonds bras.

The underwear brand has created a range of bras in seven different categories, called Happy Boobs, Busty Boobs, Sporty Boobs, Wow Boobs, Smooth Boobs, Super Boobs and Mama Boobs.

“We’ve taken everything you love about our undies and created a range for up top that’s just as comfy,” the brand’s site reads.

More details around the ‘Boobs’ teaser campaign are expected to be released on October 13.

Interest was piqued over the weekend when billboards displaying only the word ‘Boobs’ appeared in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Broadcaster Myf  Warhurst has been selected as a Bonds ‘Boobs’ ambassador, according  to, which said the campaign is about boosting breast confidence in women.

A study by Bonds found that 24.4% of Australian women rate their boos as ‘average’ and that many would happily swap their breasts with Jenifer Hawkins, Elle Macpherson, Delta Goodrem, Katy Perry and other celebrities.

 Warhursts’ ambassadorship role will reportedly see her campaign against breast shame and launch the larger-sized bra range, Super Boobs.

Bonds ‘Boobs’ is also to support the brand’s renewed partnership with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF).

“Bonds knows that feeling great about yourself and boosting your confidence doesn’t stop at a supportive, comfy bra,” Bonds said on its refreshed NCBF alignment.

“Leading an active, healthy lifestyle is also a huge part of loving and caring for your body (and your boobs!).”

The NBCF has appeared to make an attempt to distance itself from the ‘Boobs’ push in a statement.

“In our discussions with Bonds, NBCF was very careful to emphasize that breast cancer must be seen in the context of the whole woman. That is why we have a commitment to fund research right across the full spectrum of the breast cancer experience.”

“Bonds has used the word 'BOOBS' in their campaign, as it reflects the brand's personality and the general Australian vernacular.

“NBCF worked with Bonds to ensure that respect and care for the whole woman and her health was woven through elements of the campaign, other than the title.”

Mango is the PR agency working on the campaign, according to a Bonds spokesperson, alongside Clemenger BBDO Melbourne. 

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