‘Mutant’ food is in

‘Mutant’ food is in

Opening up your favourite foodie magazine, expect to start seeing some “mutant” food combinations.

Do not be scared when you see the likes of the delectable sushi taco or even a ramen burger gracing the centerfolds.

The annual food trend insight, published by public relations agency Weber Shandwick, explains how these “mutant” contraptions are expected to push the boundaries of Australian taste buds in the coming year.

The third year of the insight Food Forward surveys over a thousand foodie experts, bloggers, chefs and the like to see what’s hotting up their kitchen and what’s about to bubble over.

“Australia has a growing passion to explore new cuisines and flavours,” Ava Lawler, managing director at Weber Shandwick Australia, said.

“Our latest Food Forward report shows that our country’s food culture is being reshaped, embracing a whole new combination of foodstuffs in 2014.”

The report details seven main trends Aussie food is should be seeing this next year.

Apparently boundaries on international flavours are going to get thrown in the bin as South African and Korean cuisine continue to rise in popularity.

Home-cooking also has its roots firmly in the ground as nothing beats a good ol’ home cooked meal.

Over half of Aussies believe it’s hard to get a vegetable into their diets these days as 24% believe these pesky little green and red things are too over-priced.

Price continues to be an issue for Aussies and their food, because while our consciousness tells us to support our farmers, 70% of us are still massively influenced by cost when it comes to our weekly grocery shopping.

Social media is now dribbling into the food sector with many people using social networks to inform what they should and shouldn’t eat.

Sunny beaches and clear water could be pushed over to the side for getaways with the most glamourous food, as food-savvy Aussies look more towards choosing a destination for a holiday based upon its food choices.

And who can forget technology, always on the increase and soon new and futuristic ways of cooking and delivering delectable cuisine could be underway. Watch this space.

Check out the full report here.

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