Murdoch tabloid changes name for Royal baby

Murdoch tabloid changes name for Royal baby

The UK is the spiritual home of the tabloid, so when it comes to a new Royal baby being born, they’re going to jump on the bandwagon. Here’s a collection of the best opportunistic coverage.

We start with a gold-star effort from Rupert Murdoch’s best-selling tabloid The Sun, rebranding itself The Son and coming up with the cracking headline “The Regal Has Landed” online, and has started a e-card for the royal couple. See the front page below.

The Mail Online may have missed a trick by not rebranding as The Male for a day, but their headline is also a decent effort “Oh Boy! One’s a grandfather”, with a pic of a beaming Prince Charles.

They also have literally dozens of stories on the birth, pandering to their white middle-aged middle class readers, including one of a policeman revealing a security briefing document whilst on guard duty, and another about the 8lb6oz tot being the “heaviest future king in 100 years”, probably a sign of the obesity crisis gripping the nation. 

The BBC also had this segment in its coverage of the event which has got YouTube follwers asking "Is this a spoof?". 

Right-leaning The Telegraph has an in-depth look at how the baby will spend his first weeks – claiming “The Duke and Duchess are expected to manage largely on their own”, and expect a Christening to take place “after the Royal family return from their summer break at Balmoral”. 

It also claims George is the bookies favourite for the Prince’s name. 

Murdoch’s broadsheet offering The Times also goes heavy on the new arrival, asking if Prince Harry can win him over “as he has the nation”  and also looks at the $150m market in mementos from potties to donuts. 

The Independent features one whilst a colmunist calling on the media to leave the couple alone, among its dozens of articles, including a look at the coverage on Twitter, with Kim Khardashian adding her thoughts on the birth. 

A photo gallery of “Royal babies through the ages” is The Daily Express’ effort at original content 

However, The Daily Star appears not to have heard about the new arrival, with no sign anywhere on its website of a story about the new Prince.

As usual, satirical website The Daily Mash sums it up best, with the headline “Britons urged to enjoy last few hours before explosion of baby bullshit”.

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