Mums are new power source

Mums are new power source

If mothers were an industry they would be the largest contributors to the GDP (gross domestic product) in Australia, controlling $132 billion worth of spending last year.

Mums are the power source and communications company Reborn believe it is imperative brands and businesses make an effort to connect with mums and their values.

Putting their heads together, Reborn have partnered up with Lion Co in order to better understand how brands can expand their marketing to target more mums this year.

According to the research from Reborn mums are heavily into their mobile devices, regardless of their children’s age, and brands need to recognise their marketing ventures should contain a mobile element in order to target mums.

The release from Reborn demonstrate five key insights the research revealed, outlined below.

1.       Household income seems to have very little bearing on access or disposition to adopt mobile devices (Smartphones and Tablet).

a.        93 % of the Mums we surveyed had a Smartphone

b.       55% of Mums we surveyed had a tablet in the household


2.       Mothers are incredibly heavy users of their mobile devices throughout the whole day and across a variety of core functions.

a.        Top 5 Favourite Functions; 1: Social Networking; 2: Games for Kids; 3: Banking and Finance; 4: Games for yourself; 5: Utility (Calender / Calculator)

b.       90% of mums capture photos of their kids using their smartphone

c.        71% of mums capture videos of their kids using their smartphone

d.       Mums share their memories primarily using; 1: Facebook; 2: Email; 3: Instagram

3.       Mums are using their devices to streamline administrative tasks, entertainment, capturing memories, utility (maps, calendar etc.), inspiration, connection and social networking.

a.        Their favourite apps were; 1: eBay; 2: Candy Crush; 3: Banking (ANZ, Westpac, NAB, Comm Bank etc.); 4: Instagram; 5: Pinterest

b.       Mums use their favourite apps 5.5 times a day each and spend roughly 14 minutes per use.

4.       In Australia there is an apparent absence of brand players especially in the utility and entertainment space that are truly capitalising on mums’ tech and connectivity habits.

a.        51% of mums said they struggle to find inspiration for activities to do with their children

5.       Mums are using technology to keep themselves entertained, educate their kids, manage their behaviour, teach them new skills and overall derive enjoyment from interacting with their kids through technology together.

a.        68% of Mums let their children use their mobile devices

b.       Allowing them to use the devices for; 1: Games; 2: Educational; 3: Music / Audio; 4: Video; 5: Books

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