Measles: The perfect Mother's Day gift

Measles: The perfect Mother's Day gift

UNICEF has launched a quirky new immunisation campaign urging kids to give their mums measles for Mother's Day.

Created in house by UNICEF, the campaign features Jimmy Barnes as ambassador for the cause.

“Children around the world are dying from preventable causes, like measles,” Barnes said. “It’s the 21st century and it costs less than 30c to vaccinate a child against measles. There is no excuse not to.”

The organisation is encouraging people to buy UNICEF Mother’s Day immunisation packs which pledge 200 measles vaccines will be distributed across the world, on mum's behalf, to reach children most at threat of being infected. 

Tim O’Connor, UNICEF Australia director of communications and advocacy said: “UNICEF chose a light hearted approach to a very heavy subject precisely because giving the gift of vaccination to some of the world’s poorest children is truly something that should lift people’s hearts."

Dan Geaves, creative strategy director of Marlin Communications said: “The successful use of humour is rare within the charity sector, but we saw the possibility to do just that. We worked with UNICEF to develop creative to suggest that buying an Inspired Gift doesn’t have to be pious. Rather it can be a fun way to acknowledge the special bond between a mother and child.”

The campaign is being supported by online display, paid search, email marketing and donated space from News Ltd and publications including mX and AFL Record.

Credits: client UNICEF Australia, director of communications and advocacy Tim O’Connor, direct marketing manager Jonathan Dawson, design Marlin Communications, media PHD, . 

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