Marketing shake-up: 86% believe can't reinvent themselves for digital

Marketing shake-up: 86% believe can't reinvent themselves for digital

Brand personalisation has emerged as the biggest priority for marketers in a new Adobe study, ahead of social media and mobile.

Sixty-three per cent of high-performing companies said they were either “completely focused’ or “very focused” on creative personalised experiences, compared to 53% of average or low-performing companies.

While 69% of the ,1004 surveyed US marketers believe they need to embrace ‘hyper personalisation’, only 39% reported using consumer data and behaviour patterns to shape their strategies.

The ‘Digital Roadblock: Marketers Struggle to Reinvent Themselves’ found 69% of participants agreed with the statement that ‘mobile is a critical element to get right’.

But when it comes to media types and platforms, social media (61%) was the seen as the most critical area 12 months from now with mobile in second place (51%).

Print and TV ranked last, with print coming ahead with 9% compared to television’s 7%.

Marketers are also playing it safe, 65% said they are comfortable adopting new technologies only once they become mainstream and 50% said they need to take more risks.

Keeping up with rapid progression and reinventing their roles and skills is a real challenge for marketers today. Two in five (40%) harbour a desire to reinvent themselves but only 14% are confident they know how to.

The desire to reinvent themselves is spurred on by the fact that 64% believe their roles will change in the next year. This figure jumps to 81% when the timeline is extended to within the next three years.

A lack of training (30%) and an organisational inability to adapt (30%) were found to be holding marketers back.

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