Marin welcomes Bing’s ad challenge to Google

Marin welcomes Bing’s ad challenge to Google

Ad management platform Marin Software believes the imminent arrival of Microsoft’s Bing Ads to Australia can only be good news for marketers here.

Earlier this month Microsoft unveiled plans to take on Google’s all-conquering AdWords platform with the launch of Bing Ads. The joint-venture with leading digital company Mi9 will go live in Australia in July as part of Microsoft’s long-term investment in search and search advertising in both countries. 

“If its successfully launched, Bing Ads can provide the competition which is needed to reduce Google’s 95% market share,” Roland Irwin (pictured), general manager of Marin Software in Australia, told B&T.

“The smart marketers will move some spend over to Bing to try pick up some low hanging fruit and unique eye-balls using a different search technology.

“We believe it’s a good thing for marketers as it provides the opportunity for different people to test out a different platform … plus competition is always a good thing in any market," he added. 

Irwin said marketers are looking at Bing Ads as an opportunity where the cost of clicking on certain words will not be as key, “because people aren’t bidding on the same market place”.

In February, a Marin report showed Australia to be the most expensive cost-per-click market globally for ads served, paying five times than some emerging markets and 30% more than New Zealand.

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