Making health and fitness fashionable

Making health and fitness fashionable

Making health and fitness fashionable saw the relaunch of new online health portal Sporteluxe.

Aiming to talk to those who aspire to become fashionably healthy, the initiative behind the reluanch was to keep its audience up-to-date the happenings in the health and lifestyle market.

“I’d always been watching and thinking of what other sites were doing in Australia and then realised that there was a gap in the market for a cool and healthy destination,” founder Bianca Cheah said, adding how she created one and brought in Sarah Ranawake, former Cleo features director.

“Together we both work to publish up to 6 new stories per day across our categories of fashion, beauty, health, fitness, lifestyle and man,” Cheah said.

“Since the relaunch of Sporteluxe last week, the response has been overwhelming and has far exceeded our expectations. So we are both very happy with the response so far.”

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