'Make it Famous' recruits DDB 7 new grads

'Make it Famous' recruits DDB 7 new grads

DDB Group Sydney has hired seven new grads on the back of its campaign that asked potential recruits to make the mundane famous.

The ‘Make it Famous’ campaign launched in August 2013 and lead to 150 entries.

The 2014 grads will work across a number of the agency’s accounts including Westpac, Tesltra and McDonald’s and cycle throughout the various departments including TV, production and PR-arm Mango.

DDB Group’s current CEO, Chris Brown, went from a DDB grad to CEO in just 15 years.

Brown said: “We are really proud of our graduate programme which has been running for over 10 years in Australia. We have had some amazing talent join us as grads over the years, people who have gone on to do outstanding things at DDB and elsewhere within our industry. This year’s graduates continue the trend – smart, passionate people looking to make a difference in the agency and the industry at large.”

“Although the values of the programme haven't changed – our desire to create a nurturing and inspiring environment for the grads to learn and grow – it is amazing to see how the nature of the programme has evolved, reflecting the diversity and multi-channel world we now live in.”

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