MCN: “Hint of sensationalism” to Google's 'TV is dead' comments

MCN: “Hint of sensationalism” to Google's 'TV is dead' comments

The Multi Channel Network (MCN) has again staunchly defended TV in the wake of Google boss Eric Schmidt declaring that Youtube has already displaced TV watching as a medium.

Speaking at a gathering of digital advertisers in New York City last week, Schmidt refused to forecast when internet video would displace television, instead declaring: "That's already happened."

As reported by B&T today, YouTube is poised to launch a new paid subscription service which would charge users to watch exclusive channels and content on the global video platform.

However, MCN has said there was “more than a hint  of sensationalism" to Schmidt’s headline-making remarks that TV is over.

"More compelling are the comments that internet video is not a replacement for TV,” Mark Frain (pictured), national sales director at MCN, told B&T.

"It speaks to the trend that we have seen both in Australia and overseas which suggests two things – one, that viewers are watching as much TV now than they ever have; and two, that people are watching video delivered by the internet, in addition to their traditional TV viewing."g

Frain said there are certain pieces of content that users will search for, but they are happy to have the overwhelming majority of their viewing curated for them. 

“Media companies that are able to cater to both needs are best positioned – combining mass reach and branding power of traditional platforms with an engaged, interactive audience on new platforms. When given the choice, viewers will invariably choose the biggest screen available to them and this will remain the case as long as TV broadcasters continue to invest in and deliver the content viewers want,” he added.

Last month, MCN questioned Vevo’s view that TV is no longer the screen advertisers should be focused on when looking to boost revenue.

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