Lowes in US harnesses Vine for latest campaign

Lowes in US harnesses Vine for latest campaign

US hardware retailer Lowes has launched a series of “how to” spots on the micro-video network Vine, one of the first major brands to use the three-month-old platform.

In the 12 spots, limited to six seconds, the brand shows you how to do everything from getting out a screw with a stripped head, to removing stickers from objects and using tin foil as a paint tray liner.

It is thought Lowes is the first major brand to utilise the new technology, which came to the fore last month after the Boston bombings.

Lowes chief marketing officer Tom Lamb told Ad Week in the US: “Historically the category can be thought of as incredibly complicated. We sell products but those products are components to a project, and a consumer needs all the information on how to complete the project.

 "What consumer behavior is forcing us to do is learn to be incredibly concise. We're making an effort to demonstrate that we know a little bit, so [consumers think] it's worth seeing what else we know on our site and in store."

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