Long-running unpaid placements a marketing norm

Long-running unpaid placements a marketing norm

More than 90% of marketing internships are unpaid and non-remunerated placements run up to six times longer than paid, B&T research has found.

The most common running time for a paid marketing internship is one month or less (50%) but that duration explodes to up to six months for unpaid placements.

More than 42% of unpaid marketing interns said their placements ran for up to six months, but it is important to keep in mind that longer-running posts may have run for one to two days a week.

Overall, of the marketing interns who took part in B&T’s survey, 92% were unpaid and only 8% were paid.

When asked who their time was more valuable to, 51% of unpaid interns identified their employers and 49% said they gained more from the time than the company which hosted them.

“I feel to a point it was a waste of time because it does not really guarantee a job after you finish the internship,” said one person who had completed a marketing internship.

More than 53% of unpaid interns said their placements did not lead to offers of paid employment while 46.51% said they did. It was 50/50 for grads who undertook paid placements.

Benefits of unpaid work within marketing departments included the chance to decide if on right career path (21.5%), to practice and acquire skills (25%), to network (26%) and better understanding of the business (28%).

Paid marketing interns said the perks of their placements included the chance to acquire and practice new skills (25%) and to help them decide they were making the right career decision (75%).

“The internships I completed definitely benefitted my career,” says another survey respondent who did placements within marketing departments as well as in PR and advertising.

“Without sounding too clich√©d it provided me a foot in the door and allowed me to make connections with industry folk and key media faces.

“However, I also feel it was extremely beneficial to the employer as well, as they could palm off admin heavy jobs such as contacts lists and databases that need updating.”

These figures have been pulled out of the 300-plus responses to the ‘Adland: An Intern’s perspective survey’. To see the full story click here.

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