Limit media mix at own peril, Mi9 counteracts

Limit media mix at own peril, Mi9 counteracts

A recent study that suggested newspaper publishers would be better off advertising online than on television has been labelled “misleading”.

The Getting the Balance Right research advised publishers to advertise online for higher product recall but Mi9’s managing director of data and services Richard McLaren feels the view is too simple.

“It is misleading to suggest that there is any single winner in a media mix perspective,” McLaren said.

“Certainly our research… suggests that there is a more complex picture around ideal media mix.

“Television and online are actually complementary media as opposed to antagonistic choices for advertisers.”

Consumers engage with a variety of media types and if a brand was to choose one medium over another they would be doing themselves a disservice, according to McLaren.

Television viewers tolerate broadcasters’ 18 minutes of advertising per hour but when it comes to online ten 30-second spots are “significantly intrusive”, Getting The Balance Right found.

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