Libs use 30 seconds to promote, 60 to attack

Libs use 30 seconds to promote, 60 to attack

The Liberal Party has launched a new two-pronged campaign, one positive 30-second spot detailing the party’s promises while the other is twice as long detailing the Prime Ministers “trail of disaster”.

Both television commercials launched last night with the attack ad running for 61 seconds compared to 30-seconds for Tony Abbott’s ‘Our Plan – Real Solutions for all Australians’ message.

The positive spot shows Abbott’s pledge to create two million more jobs, lower taxes, lower debt and provide stronger borders.

The negative ad runs through what the Liberal Party describes as Rudd’s “trail of disaster”: an easing of border protection policy “and now 45,000 boat people have flooded in”, higher cost of living and a “back flip” on carbon emissions trading scheme.

 “Kevin Rudd is all talk. Imagine three more years of Labor failure,” the ad concludes.

The new ads come seven days after Rudd called for an end to “negative politics” in his first advert since regaining the Prime Minster role.

The new Liberal Party ad ‘Rudd’s Record’ is the latest in a string of disparaging spots, with one attacking an apparent stutter by cabinet minister Julie Collins and ‘Faceless Men’ already in market. 

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