It’s time to set a sister free

It’s time to set a sister free

Newcastle-based creative agency Enigma is urging Aussies to ‘set a sister free’ in a new campaign for the RSPCA.

The campaign is fighting to help free the 11 million hens currently kept in cages in layer farms around Australia.

High profile women including Michelle Bridges, Laura Csortan, Magdalena Roze and Dr Katrina Warren are ambassadors for the campaign.

‘Set a sister free’ encourages consumers to ensure they buy cage-free eggs.

Brian Daly, creative director at Enigma, which has worked with the RSPCA for several years, said: “It seems we had been working on the layer hens issue for years before the penny dropped that all these hens were hens – they were females.

“So we thought these ladies deserved some cross-species support from their human sisterhood.”

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