Innovation has 'lost its way' and turned into a snooze fest

Innovation has 'lost its way' and turned into a snooze fest

Innovation has become boring as clients view it as just "another job to do”, argued Landor and product innovation company North and South this morning.

Innovation has “lost its way”, according to Landor’s executive creative director Mike Staniford who said, “with the rise and rise of procurement innovation seems to have got on the back foot”.

“I’m not sure whether that is because a lot has failed or because the process is wrong but I don’t get excited by innovation any longer,” Staniford told B&T at Landor’s Innovation is Boring breakfast in Sydney today.

“I have been to a number of innovation sessions that have ultimately led to nothing. Great ideas have been discussed and talked about but then after weeks of developing they peter out into nothingness.

“That is a very frustrating and boring outcome.”

The statement ‘innovation is boring’ may be provocative, but Giles Day, the founding partner of North and South, feels the results should be more interesting.

 “I have felt this for five years now, clients just aren’t excited about it and it is becoming just another job to do.”

In an attempt to combat this brand consulting and design firm Landor has teamed up with North and South.

The partnership brings together the companies, which have previously been commissioned to work on the same projects separately at different stages, to create a more unified approach to clients' business problems.

 “We have worked together on projects before but we didn’t know,” explained Day.

“I was doing a lot of intensive work decoding the opportunity and then it would all go quiet and then six months later it would be launched and it was Landor that was launching it.”

For Staniford the partnership will bring about a “completely new way of thinking about innovation”.

“We really like the idea of bringing together production innovation on an upstream basis where hypothesis and new ideas and thoughts are being tested in a very raw way with clients, and then bringing that downstream through to creating packaging and storytelling and creating brands and products that are going to be successful on the shelf.”

For more on why Staniford and Day believe innovation is becoming beige and failing see next week’s The Brief where they also discuss why brands should not fear private labels, and much more. 

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