Idea ownership 'biggest learning' from Fundawear campaign

Idea ownership 'biggest learning' from Fundawear campaign

The ownership of ideas is set to become a red-button topic between brands and agencies, with Havas managing director  Alex Carr admitting it had been one of the biggest learnings from the Durex Fundawear campaign.

Despite spending hundreds of man hours creating the vibrating underwear for the condom makers as part of an awareness campaign, Havas will not be legally entitled to a penny if the prototypes became a commercial reality, under the terms of its current contract.

And more agencies face similar conundrums as the agency model continues to shift.

Speaking at B&T’s Inside Creative: Creative Bravery event in Melbourne Havas digital creative director Jay Morgan said: “There’s a monumental shift in the way that we innovate.

“In this new world, with the right model, creative agencies are not only in the best position to create awareness for brands, but also to innovate their products as well.”

At the forum Carr admitted: “One of the biggest learnings for us (from Fundawear) as an agency is the future of the intellectual property. We have a contract where all we create is owned by the client, and we delivered it to them on a plate.”  

The issue will become increasingly important for Havas moving forward, with the agency making a decision to concentrate on making more “shareable” campaigns.

Carr added: “People are locusts for content, we can’t get enough information into ourselves on a daily basis. So we’ve taken a decision to say ‘how can we get people to consume advertising content like they would any other piece of content?’

"We need to try and create something that’s beyond social media, when we talk about social we really mean sharable.”

But, he said this was not a brave move, adding: “If people don’t want to share it there’s no point in doing it these days, it’s a waste of time.

“There’s almost more bravery in doing bad work these days. To expect people to engage with campaigns in a passive media is ridiculous, people will not want to pass it on.”

At the same event DDB Sydney managing partner Kate Sheppard and Arnott’s brand director for treating Susanna Polycarpou spoke about persuading a conservative client to take a risk, with the ‘Truly, Madly Tim Tams’ campaign.

Polycarpou said the move to socially driven campaigns, involving the fans of the brand in the campaign, had been difficult at first to sell to the board, but after launching with the Tim Tam orchard last year sales had soared 23%.

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