Hoopla: refuse to be told

Hoopla: refuse to be told

News and opinion website The Hoopla has told people who criticise and limit women based on their gender to “Fuck. Right. Off” in a powerful new campaign.

The video kicks off with pictures of notable women and the comments that have been thrown their way by political rivals, colleagues and commentators.

It starts with Silvio Berlusconi’s infamous description of Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel as an “unfuckable lardarse” before moving on to “Hey, iron my shirt!” comments directed towards Hilary Clinton and a description of  fomer Prime Minister Julia Gillard as “deliberately barren”.

The video goes on to say: “For all the women who ignored the insults. And for those who refused to be told….Here’s our message for all those who tried to tell them. Fuck. Right. Off.”

We Magazines, publisher of the recenlty relaunched Hoopla and Birdeemag.com, is behind the campaign which was created and written by The Hoopla. 

"Bored with engaging in the same old conversations around women, The Hoopla chooses to be the change they want to see." 

The one minute 40-second spot then goes on to describe The Hoopla as a destination “for women who are too smart to be told”.

“Smary & sassy news…And rather strong opinion.”

Watch the video below and let us know what you think of it in the comments box below:

The film was edited by Post Produktiv. 

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