Group behind #IndigenousPM reveals its cause

Group behind #IndigenousPM reveals its cause

Two thirds of Australians believe Down Under will never have an Indigenous Prime Minister during their lifetime, but a not-for-profit organisation is out to prove them wrong.

The Australian Indigenous Education Foundation (AIEF) has revealed itself as the group behind the thought provoking #IndigenousPM print and social media advertising campaign.

The full page ad featuring a strong-looking Indigenous man in front of the Australian flag with the words “This will never happen” ran in The Australian over the weekend.

But the group behind the campaign was kept secret until today after three days of debate took place on Twitter with the promoted hashtag, #indigenousPM.

The AIEF’s push comes after a Newspoll survey it commissioned found the majority of Australians do not believe they will ever see an Indigenous woman or man lead the country as Prime Minister.

The aim of the push is to raise non-profit’s funding from $44m to $140m.

The $44m allows AIEF to put 2000 Indigenous students through high school but the group wants to see that number rise to 7000.

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